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Children Book Review: The Scar by Charlotte Moundlic

Lots of children came to my art room for various reasons. One of the saddest reasons was passing of their parents. I recalled one time a 5 years old girl drew how mom prepared her special Sunday breakfast every week before church and gave her a big kiss before sending her off to school. Yet since mom passed away, those daily and weekly routines were gone and she was trying to remind daddy to kiss her before school and make her the big Sunday breakfast yet daddy seems to be puzzle on how come his 5 years old wasn't crying for mommy.

Children of young age understand death in a more subtle way than adults can image. They notice their routine of life change when their loved one is no longer around and somehow they process their grief by trying to restore the normal daily routine as if the one they love was still around.

The Scar by Charlotte Moundlic captures greatly on the process of how the boy use his own resilience and imaginative mind to mourn the loss of his mom. This is not only a great book for children but a great resources for adults to understand sometimes our little ones are using their own ways to process their grief and loss in life.

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